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Welcome to



The BEST Spring Break Tech Camp in San Diego


Knowledge is power and we make learning FUN!!! Kids will enjoy our Hi-tech classroom by using our state of the art tools and equipment which enables them to be more engaged and motivated. The students will be introduced with  Coding, Robotics, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Graphic Design, and more fun subjects and activities to explore the student's creativity. At Starton EDU, we encourage and help our students to become proficient with (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics by using all the fundamentals of learning techniques (Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical (mathematical), Social and Solitary) for the kids to better understand the art of technology and not bore them. 

Robotic CAMP



Introduction to Programming.

The course will introduce how

we control computers and

what actions they can perform.

Robotic CAMP also teaches students

how robots move and act.

The kids will learn the

fundamental knowledge

of both computers and robots.



scratch from MIT

scratch like language for mbot




Course Length: 1 week


Getting familiar with the coding system 

build easy automation for sprites

remote control robot at first glance

explore the possibilities of robots

gain a better understanding of control flows

burn easy programs into robots for tasks

the first project in scratch

system call and message passing in scratch

train bots in both remote and automated methods

The first project in robot control

The second project in scratch

easy variable introduction for future learning

train bots doing complicated decisions

final projects for bots

Robotic AI will let kids understand how can a robot engage and possess human thinking or even detect faces or objects or how SIRI communicates. 


If you want your kids to have a great and meaningful SPRING CAMP please join us.

Camp Overview + Schedule

Take a look at your camp schedule, learn more about tuition and explore add-ons.


Morning Activity


Hands-on STEM Instruction


Morning Break


Continued Instruction + Creation


Lunch Break


Back to the Classroom


Afternoon Break


Continued Classroom Time


Pick-up Begins

Tuition Includes

Robot project

Personalized feedback

Project Achievement Report

Certificate of Competency

Low staff to student ratios


Camp's Video