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Want to have THE best robotics PROGRAM at your school?

Let’s work together to bring after-school robotics classes to your school. Fill out the request form now to get started today!

How does it work?


StartonEDU works with schools in the Greater San Diego area to provide after-school programs and allow students to gain access to robotics education they might not have otherwise.

What does StartonEDU Offer?

StartonEDU can offer a variety of classes depending on the schools wants and needs. Our classes usually run 8-10 weeks




StartonEDU will provide all pieces of equipment for education needs to make sure kids will be hands on the projects.

How do the logistics work?

We work differently with each school to fit the needs regarding sign-ups, registration, payment, and other administrative matters.

Contact us

If you are a school or district member interested in bringing our programs to your school, please contact us!  You can call us at (800) 899-3918 or email us at

If you are a parent, you can let us know what school you attend, and we can try reaching out to the administration, or you can reach out to the school and let them know that you want our program at your school!

Request Form:
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